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Divorce – An Overview


Going through a divorce is hard enough, but finding the correct divorce attorney to represent you should not be. Here at the Lesley Law Firm we understand the stress and the importance of effectively representing our clients in a difficult life-changing time. Divorce cases are unique to all other areas of law. The case law and statutes pertaining to divorce are specialized. Also, the litigants are married or have previously been married to each other. An attorney does not effectively represent clients in divorce cases, as Lee has, without being well versed in the law, the discovery process, the rules of evidence, settlement techniques, and family aspects associated with the trial of divorce cases.

Child Custody & Support

child custody

Trying to protect your children through the difficulties of divorce should be handled with care. There are numerous facts and circumstances required to be taken into consideration under Alabama Law and awarding the custody of the minor child to one party or another. Here at the Lesley Law Firm we make sure to defend not only our clients, but their families. If you are trying to receive custody, or if you are fighting to prevent the custody of your child being taken away from you, you deserve the very best representation.

There are multiple factors that come into play when it comes to determining child support. Some of these factors are:

  • Child Care Costs
  • Gross Monthly Income
  • Health Insurance Costs
  • Percent of Financial Responsibility

The child support guidelines are based on the combined gross income of both parents and the percentage of monthly gross income of each party. Most forms of compensation are included in calculating the gross monthly income. For example, a company provided vehicle is a form of compensation. The calculation of support can be difficult and complex when a parties’ income is derived from a business owned by the party, income is derived by means other than a noraml normal salary type job and is dependent on numerous factors which may fluctuate. In most situations a seasoned divorce attorney such as Lee is needed in using his expertise in deriving the correct amount of child support owed or received.


Alabama Child Support Guidelines

Alabama Child Care Rates

– Alabama also sets certain limitations based upon a child’s age and the county of residence for child care rates which are calculated in deriving child support owed by one party. Click here to download the Alabama Child Support Guidelines PDF file.

Post Judgment Proceedings

On many occassions after parties are divorced a need arises for court proceedings which are commonly refered to as Petitions for Modification and Petitions for Rule Nisi. In modifcation proceedings one party, or on occassion both parties, petition the court to modify or change their original divorce decree. When a party has an increase or decrease in earnings or, a material change in circumstances, they may have grounds to have child support either decreased or increased. This could happen if one loses their job, one of the children attains the age of majority, or increased needs for support. These are just a few of the examples used for modification of support. Visitation and custody of the children may be modified as well after the original divorce if changes arise which legally warrant a modification. Alimony can also be modified by an increase, decrease or be terminated in certain circumstances.

A Petition for Rule Nisi may be filed if a party fails to obey the Final Divorce Judgment or Court Order. This Petition basically requests that a party show cause why they should not be held in contempt of Court. This situation may arise when one fails to allow visitation, fails to pay child support or alimony, a party fails to pay their portion of the children’s medical expenses, or when one of the parties fails to fulfill any requirement of a Court Judgment or Order. There are numerous different and difficult situations which warrant a Petition being filed or the need for defense of a Petition requesting that you be held in contempt. Lee has effectively represented hundreds of clients in both the prosecution and defense in such situations over the past 18 years.

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    “I was severely injured in an automobile collision. Lee made a Workers’ Compensation recovery as well as a personal injury recovery against the person causing the wreck. He represented me in a professional manner, was knowledgeable in all areas of the law, and made a great recovery. I highly recommend him”

    K.M., Fultondale, Alabama
    “Lee was recommended to me by one of his former clients who had a great outcome as a result of his representation in a divorce case. My divorce case was highly contested. My children were withheld from me for a period of time during the litigation process. In the end, after the trial of the case, Lee won custody of my two children for me. I am grateful for his diligent work and his great courtroom presence.”

    J.W., Hayden, Alabama
    “Lee is a great lawyer. He successfully represented my company in a complex business litigation case over a period of several years. The case was tried before a jury and a substantial verdict was awarded to my company. The Defendants appealed the verdict and Lee won my case in the Supreme Court against a large international company.”

    L.H., Hoover, Alabama
    “Lee successfully represented me in a divorce modification case. He has also represented my company in civil matters. I will continue to use and recommend Lee because of his experience, knowledge of the law, honesty and great results.”

    M.H., Trussville, Alabama