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Business Representation By Lesley Law Firm

Not every small business is the same. So why do large law firms treat them that way? Here at the Lesley Law Firm we understand your business’s unique needs and wants when it comes to legal representation and services. Let us help your small business with all its unique needs and make sure you get the swift answers you need.

The Lesley Law Firm represents numerous small businesses from incorporating their business or filing their articles of organization for limited liability corporations to navigating them through Personnel laws and handling Equal Employment Opportunity Claims and risk management. We also handle collecting debts owed your company and all other suits in dealing with business and contract negotiation for the businesses.

  • Incorporation
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Business Disputes/Litigation
  • Employee Issues
  • EEOC Claims/Sexual Harassment/Discrimination
  • Employment Agreements
  • Dissolution

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    Case Description

    “I was severely injured in an automobile collision. Lee made a Workers’ Compensation recovery as well as a personal injury recovery against the person causing the wreck. He represented me in a professional manner, was knowledgeable in all areas of the law, and made a great recovery. I highly recommend him”

    K.M., Fultondale, Alabama
    “Lee was recommended to me by one of his former clients who had a great outcome as a result of his representation in a divorce case. My divorce case was highly contested. My children were withheld from me for a period of time during the litigation process. In the end, after the trial of the case, Lee won custody of my two children for me. I am grateful for his diligent work and his great courtroom presence.”

    J.W., Hayden, Alabama
    “Lee is a great lawyer. He successfully represented my company in a complex business litigation case over a period of several years. The case was tried before a jury and a substantial verdict was awarded to my company. The Defendants appealed the verdict and Lee won my case in the Supreme Court against a large international company.”

    L.H., Hoover, Alabama
    “Lee successfully represented me in a divorce modification case. He has also represented my company in civil matters. I will continue to use and recommend Lee because of his experience, knowledge of the law, honesty and great results.”

    M.H., Trussville, Alabama